A simple keyword search “looking for a job as a fashion designer for an import/export company” on big three job search engines in India gives interesting results:

  • Naukri which claims to be number one jobs site provides no results for this query.
  • Timesjobs which takes ions to provide the results, which are way off from the theme of the query.
  • Monster India barely provides decent results for the query.

Going into the reasons why this query results in abject failure from such premiere jobs sites requires bit of dis-integration of the query.

  • We have a well formed sentence with lots of what are called Stopwords. After query parsing phase ideally query should be left with job, fashion designer, import/export and company. These keywords are only relevant to the query. This is where TimesJobs fails.
  • Most search engines set equal priority field priority. Monsterindia brings itself apart by giving higher priority to title of the jobs.
  • Detecting domain and job type would be a great way of enhancing keyword search. None of the engines do that till now.
  • import/export has a special character ‘/’ which is not handled well by search engines.

A good way to get these thing sorted would be to pre-process queries with appropriate analyzer.