There are hundred different ways of distributing search traffic over a farm of search engines. From hard-coded configuration to multi-casted message-bus. If not hard to implement, they are hard to understand for someone starting out with search-engines. But not so with bonjour, which is P2P service announcement of sorts. Assuming bonjour server/client you are using is avahi, just run avahi-browse to find what services are running in current network. Offcourse, not great if farm spans more than one network. But its so easy. I am surprised, its so easy to announce and discover.

Verdict is in. People want ‘normal’ looking search engine. A search engine invokes a mental map which is getting re-enforced in our mind. Even separating out certain search results in a box entails a risk of users overlooking those links assuming it to be ads.

In his article Jacob Neilson warns against trying to change the search user interface. This argues that search engines should not try to distinguish themselves with fancy front ends.
Article available here